Thursday, November 4, 2010

Photos From The SAS 4.0 Race

Photos of the SAS 4.0 race have been loaded up on the flicker page. Check them out!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Results Are Posted


Once again thanks for coming out to the race and supporting the park. Stay tuned to the blog for info on future races and events. If you have any photos you would like to share with us please send them to regionrep at blueridgefam dot com. We would love to put them on the flicker page for people to see.

There is one thing bike racers simply sux at....writing their names legible on a race form. If your name is spelt wrong below sorry. There were several names we could not read.

If you raced in the A group and are not listed below that's becasue you were either a DNF or finished outside of the top 20. If you raced in the B group and your name is not listed below you were a DNF.

A Race Mens (top 20)
1 - Will Black (defending the backyard)
2 - Mike Stewart
3 - Josh Whitmore
4 - Eric Wondergem (I like to try and take out families on the trail...:))
5 - Chris Larsen
7 - Jacob Magahe (just happen to show up on a mountain...yea right)
8 - Chris Bennett (cupcake baker....CB)
8 - Eric Muehl
9 - Jimm McElory
10 - Chris Evory
11 - Jason (I love my pink helmet and purple bike) Morgan
12 - Tim (Mr. NCCX) Hopkins
13 - Bob Wright
14 - Jason Lewis
15 - Dwight Smith
16 - Marcus Jones
17 - Jeff Hasse
18 - Bruce Stauffer
19 - Mike Seek
20 - John Koury

A Race Women
1 - Nina Elliot
2 - Deb Whitmore
3 - Christy Blakely

B Race Mens
1 - Lucus Shaw (When I grow up I want to be silly fast)
2 - Walker Shaw (Yep...same goes for me)
3 - Greg Leister (I love snot bubbles and beer)
4 - Lonnor Williams
5 - Hank Booth
6 - Jared Abel
7 - John Smith
8 - David Thompson
9 - Dan Snedecor
10 - Mike Noonan
11 - Jimm McElroy
12 - David Nolletti
13 - Allan Sparks
14 - Nolan LaVole
15 - Samir Bhira (the best beer drinker while racing)
16 - Jason Hammer
17 - Eddie White
18 - Eli (I will break anything I ride) Day
19 - Brian Higgs
20 - Gabe (36" wheels are the only way to roll a cross course) Holguin
21 - Marcus (I'll tell you things you have never heard before) Sizemore
22 - Garrett Smith

B Race Women
1 - Kelly Hopkins
2 - Erica Chard
3 - Anna Hinkle

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What A Great Day For A Race

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped with the race, did the race, heckled at the race, watched the race, partied at the race, and so on. Becasue of you we can have such great events like we had today. There are more races being worked on for the near future. Please stay tuned for the details. Again, thanks for all of your support today. It was a blast!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

How Did This Get Here?

Anyone know what this is? Cross race tomorrow.....

Friday, October 15, 2010

We Have An Idea

Here's a hint....

A Few Special Race Number.....

We have put together some special race numbers for a few lucky people. See you on Sunday.

The Weather Is Looking Awesome For The Race

The weather is going to be amazing for the race. Even if you're not a racer come out and enjoy watching others battle it out. Bring a cowbell, air horn, whistel, megaphone or anything that makes a lot of noise. Cross is a fun event that the whole family can enjoy. Wear your normal spandex, wear a dress, a wig, or come out and try to rip someone legs off. Support a local race and help a park grow. See you on Sunday.